Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ's)

While our food is cooked mainly North Indian (Punjabi) style, from time to time we also make recipes from Rajasthan, Bengal and South India. Homestyle to us means that food is simple, freshly cooked, balanced, non-greasy, wholesome, and delicious. That is what we strive for in every dish.
We use fresh vegetables, fresh legumes and lentils, high quality spices and whole wheat flour. We never use food coloring, MSG, preservatives, stabilizers, thickening agents, corny syrup, trans fats, artificial flavorings, hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils, butter, ghee, or nuts in our food.
Your order is prepared on the day it is delivered. After cooking the food, we let it cool down before packing it in airtight containers and refrigerating it. This process is very important in preserving the freshness of the food. 
Storage: We deliver our tiffin in food grade containers and packaging. You may store them as is in your refrigerator and reheat when required. In the case of rotis, paranthas, and other flat bread, make sure to cover them properly prior to storing in the refrigerator to avoid hardening.

We deliver our tiffin in microwave safe food grade containers. While you may reheat them in the container itself, make sure to take off the lid prior microwaving. Alternately, you may use any other microwave safe container. The recommended duration of microwaving food is 3 minutes. For rotis, paranthas and flat breads reheat in microwave for 20 seconds or directly on stovetop for 10 seconds each side.
Yes. At the time of placing your order, make sure to mention your dietary preferences and restrictions. We will do our best to accommodate your request for a custmized tiffin. Please note that in case of customization, additional charges may apply.
There are two options for placing an order. Please choose one according to your convenience.

a) You may place an online order by visiting our website You will be asked to register with us if using for the first time. Once registered and logged in, follow the process below:

Choose from our extensive menu > Choose a weekly or daily plan > Customize your order or order as is > Proceed to make an online payment > Order complete

b) Alternately, call us at 1-908-504-1970 anytime between 8:00 AM and 8:00 PM to place your order.
Please make sure you place your order strictly within 8:00 pm on the day before you want your tiffin delivered. Our system will be unable to process any order placed after the cutoff time.
You can pay using any credit or debit card, online or over the phone.
Tiffins are delivered between 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm as follows:
Monday: Central New Jersey.
Tuesday: Northern New Jersey.
Wednesday: Manhattan, Bronx, Queens.
Thursday: Manhattan and Brooklyn. Please note that occasional delays can occure due to traffic or weather-related conditions.
The minimum order for home delivery is $50.00 plus tax and delivery. Including tax and delivery, it would be $63.50 in new Jersey and $64.50 in New York.
We will leave your tiffin outside your door or, we will hand it over to your doorman.
We deliver mostly in Northern and Central New Jersey and various locations in New York, including Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, and Queens. Special arrangements can be made to deliver outside the usual delivery areas, so please contact us via email or phone, to see if we can get our tiffin to you.
- Meals are prepared on the day of delivery.
- Meals are fresh and never frozen.
- Meals are customizable in accordance to your diet plan, allergies, and taste.
- Vegetarian, vegan, and halal-friendly meal options available.
- No GMO’s, antibiotics or preservatives used.
- A new menu every week.
Our address:

40 Chatham Road,
Short Hills, NJ 07078